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Written by Alex Aitken

A-level examiner, educator, former Head of Music, and West End Musical Director

Mastering A-level Music is one complete resource for students and teachers to use for Edexcel’s current A-level Music specification. Written for both students and teachers to use and work through together, both in class and independently, the comprehensive subscription website is designed to support students of all abilities as they navigate their way through the course towards their final assessments. Continually updated, Mastering A-level Music has quickly earnt a reputation for being the go-to resource for Edexcel A-level Music, and is used and trusted by students and teachers across the world.

Edexcel A Level Music Help

Full access to the website provides...

A comprehensive and engaging illustrated and audio-described resource for the whole of Edexcel A-level Music, totalling over 325,000 words...

  • A student-friendly overview of Edexcel’s A-level specification and what is required for the highest marks in each component;
  • Guidance on choosing recital repertoire, and practice tips and tricks that help conquer nerves and help students to shine in their recital;
  • How examiners mark recitals, and what they are looking for when awarding top marks.

Composition advice and a comprehensive guide to writing Bach chorales, from first principles to adding stylistic sparkle...

  • Ideas for approaching composition and boosting confidence, including guidance on researching briefs and creating your own;
  • Features of outstanding compositions and what examiners like to see;
  • Possibly the most comprehensive yet student-friendly guide ever written for writing Bach chorales – stage by stage from scratch to with stylistic sparkle, plus audio examples and contextual explanations of advanced features, and why Bach did certain things.

Full (proper) analyses and illustrated contextual explanations of every set work, with embedded videos, practice essay questions, and essay technique guidance...

  • Thorough contextual explanation and full musical analysis of all set works and their musical worlds;
  • Suggested related Wider Listening examples, links to other useful resources, and advice on essay technique for the highest marks;
  • Practice essay questions for all set works, written by Alex, both of the type found on past papers, and more open style questions to push the most able students wanting to impress universities.

And much, much more!