Yay! Thrilled you're interested in subscribing. There are three subscription options, depending on what suits you the most.

Subscriptions are available per school or per individual. So, if your school signs up, all students and staff can access the website immediately with one login, and one subscription. Simple! Just make sure that you sign up with the email address that you want to use when logging in, as this cannot be changed for the duration of your subscription.


Curious and just want to try?
£ 50 for a month
  • Just to try, or to give you a burst of inspiration...


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I'm diving in...!
£ 400 A full year of yay!
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There should never be any barriers to education.

If you or your school cannot afford any of these subscription options, then please fill out the Bursary Form and email it to alex@masteringalevelmusic.co.uk. Your application will be assessed and, if successful, will result in you or your school receiving a discount code, the percentage of which will be determined by the information you provide. In some cases a considerable discount may be awarded, as departmental budgets are sometimes criminally small, and some students may be funding themselves. The prices above allow for the bursary system to operate for schools or individuals. A yearly subscription, as above, is the equivalent of just under £1.10 per day for all staff and students in that school, for 365 days.

This website has been created and written to make a difference, and no-one should be unable to access it because of cost. We need more A-level Musicians, and uptake is often dependent on the previous year group’s results, which this website aims to improve drastically. Please do fill in and send a bursary application if the subscription costs above are prohibitive for you or your school.

Any bursary applications will be assessed quickly and fairly, and are treated confidentially. The form should be signed by a member of the Senior Management/Leadership Team (an excellent opportunity to point out any lack of budget) or, in the case of private individual students under the age of 18, by a parent or guardian.